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are in custody on unrelated charges. their names not released. >>> former u.s. representative, jesse jackson, jr. and his wife agreed to plead guilty they misused campaign funds. the chicago couple struck a deal today. jackson and his wife, sandra steven jackson admitted they used $750,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses and gifts. jackson resigned from office in november. he is the son of famed civil rights leader jesse jackson. the judge will determine if punishment is expected to be from probation to five years in prison. >>> some u.s. senators are questioning a move to end saturday mail delivery this summer. newmexico senator and 23 others wrote to the postmasterrer general. the postal service may not have the authority to cancel saturday deliver and cuts could cast them more than $5 billion rather than save $2 billion as the agency claims. the senators ask the postal service to work with congress on reforms. >>> a report from jerry brown's office says he allowed parole for more convicted killers than the predecessors. governor brown let stand freeing convicted killers last year and
an estimate from 150,000. the government says the u.s. unemployment rate clicked up to 7.9% from 7.8. >>> a watering hole tonight, a new location. the lounge celebrated the official reeping at the new fisherman wharf location. it came here after a conflict with their landlord. they return just in time for the 49ers return to the super bowl. the mayor proclaimed gold dust lounge day and promised to drop by during sunday's game. >>> the first day of san francisco's nudity ban. what protesters did and how the police reacted. >>> hilary rodham clinton departure today is just the tip of the iceburg. the big shovel in the white house cabinet. >>> the warming trend has come to an end. how much cooling you can ebgt pect [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.8
. >> they wanted to know the people of south america and wanted to go to places they went. >>reporter: the u.s. embassy in peru issued warnings about kidnapping threats in the bike shop that jakie neal works raised $4,000 formation raising to the couple's safe return. >>> authorizes are widening the search for a spukd in a las vegas shooting that killed three people. three-year-old ammar harris fired shots into a car killing the driver, consenty cherry jeanor and kraumzed a fiery crash. the man hunlt cell phone expended to several -- the manhunt is extented to several places happy used to live. he has a criminal history charges of kidnapping, pandering by force. >>> here is a graffiti bombing and asking for help from the police. after getting a look at the extensive damage done by them over the weekend. >>reporter: we are talking about thousand's of dollars in damage. apartments and church covered in spray paint about five minutes from where we are at the police headquarters. >> this is pure vand limbs. >> just as the party was wrapping thursday saturday morning he heard commotion outside of h
conviction all the way toth u.s. supreme court. in san francisco rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san carlos police have issued an alert to residents to be aware of thooef carslying out a rash of brazen daytime burglaries. four have been reported in a 48-hour period on cliff ton avenue. investigators say in each case the robbers kicked in a door to get inside but no one was home. the thieves made off with electronics, jewelry, camera equipment, money and other valuables. >>> a man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl and dumping her body in a fairfield park appeared in court today. anthony jones did not enter a pleas and due in court again next thursday. he is chargeed with the kidnapping murder and rape of 13-year-old genelle conway allen. the judge said he's under the assumption prosecutors will sheik the death penalty against jones. today we also learned in the days before his arrest jones restrained wife filed a restraining order against him saying she thought he would kill her. >>> santa clara county today announced a new gun buyback program. it's going to be held march 2nd at t
's yearly fleet week celebration but their wings may be getting clipped. the u.s. navy has put out a memo saying if se quest ration hits it plans to cancel funding for blue angels shows in the second half of this year saving some $20 million nationally. skwes ration means across the board cuts that would strike march 1st if congress can't reach an agreement on deficit reduction. >> we would lose millions of dollars in economic activity in what is a very significant event for san francisco. >> we're going to go underneath the golden gate bridge and around al have a traz. >> fleet week is worth a lot of money and the blue angels are a part of that. >> everybody wants to get on the boats and see the blue angels from the bay so there's thousands of boats out there during fleet week so it's very, very -- it would be devastating, i think, for the wharf. >> i think it's cool because i think it's a great tourist attraction. >> city officials also say they hear numerous complaints about the sonic boom-like noise of the blue angels. if the blue angels don't fly, he won't miss them. >> by flying ove
's mother. she told me the family has received phone calls from the u.s. em intas and peruvian government. the officials say the couple have been spotted in a remote village in peru and the two are on a boat on the river and a plane is being sent to find them. a family friend told us everyone is just anxious to hear from the couple after no contact for a month. >> we're hopeful, of course. remaining kind of optimistically cautious, you know, waiting for proof of life at this point hoping the stories we've heard recently are true. >> this afternoon at the bike shop where jamie neal works, her boss told us he received word that the couple had been found in a remote area where there is no telephone or internet service, and that may explain why they stopped posting their whereabouts on social media. >> we're thrilled, and i'm going to sleep well tonight. >> the couple is on an extended trip that started in late november and wasn't due back until next month. family and friends have feared for hand and neal after the u.s. embassy in lima warned of a kidnapping threat after americans. we will co
on a mobile device. it is shutting down its electric vehicle parts operations in the u.s.. it plays that. it employs 200 people. the business times says the company never really took off here. instead better place will focus on markets in israel and denmark where it has had success. it raised more than $750 million in investment capital. >> the price at the pump is moving higher. how soon before we shoot past $4 a gallon. what other is headed to the bay area. i well had what you can expect for wednesday. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪ the fiat 500 abarth cabrio. ♪ mexican authorities say six women tourists from state were raped by a gang. they were wearing masks when they forced their way into a rented beach house tie
airlines and u.s. airways are harshing out -- ha sshgs hashing out the details of a deal to end next week. >>> the dow lost by 42 points. the s, and m down by 2. >> linked in are up nearly 10% after hours following earnings that soured past expectations. >> linked in earned $5.11 million. revenue rose by 81%. the company boosted its outlook. >>> all classes scheduled before 4 this afternoon at 3 buildings, the art building, the performing arts center and parts of the physical education complex of the school officials say a back ho operator hit an electrical line. >>> the bay area authority toll has marked the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. our consumer editor, tom baker tells us how much this will cost. >> come labor day, pedestrian will be able to get on the news spin for a 1 way, 2-hour, 5-mile san francisco walk, returning by bart, 5 and a half million dollar budget. >> buses, barricades, bathrooms and body. >> emts, the volunteers that are needed, 15,000 people per hour for about 200,000 in all will allow walkers a safe, not packed in like sardines environment. >>
for an interesting weekend. for days now we have been watching the nor'easter roll into the eastern part of the u.s. a few minutes ago we brought you a live report. that reporter in boston looked miserable. >> did not look fun out there, gasia. the next 12 hours will be critical. the snowfall rates will continue to be on the increase. right now on live storm tracker 2 this is the loop over the past six hours. the good news f there is any, it is a relatively quick mover. over the next 12 hours, a critical time frame. as you can see this is the loop. you will notice that the bulk of it turning over to snow right now. really out towards hartford and boston. back here across the west, our old rain and the snowfall has moved out of town. basically the rainfall heading out towards southern california and we do have a dry weather forecast to talk about. the temperatures, though, the cold air mass remains in place. as a result the temperatures cold out there already. dropping into the 40s out towards concord and walnut creek. napa, checking out 44 degrees in downtown san francisco and lower 50s at 51. fore
. >> on immigration reform he pushed for citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the u.s. and ongoing control he made it clear he wants action. >> the >> the address will get two immediate formal responses. marco rubio will represent republicans and ran paul will speak for the tea party express. >> president obama was very firm talking about climate change and got a lot of applause talking about a paycheck fairness act and we're waiting for those republican responses to begin within the next few minutes. >> be sure to go to ktp.com former more coverage including more details about the president's plans to the tap of our homepage. multibillion-dollar perks with nbc universal. comcast plans to buy ge's 49% stake in nbc for nearly $17 billion. it says is taking advantage of low interest rates. for an additional billion nbc's new york headquarters said rockefeller center. >> the los gatos company is teaming up with dreamworks to produce original cartoon series. based on the upcoming movie turbo. it's about as it's about a snail who give the power after an accident. it debuts on september.
released without charges. the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule this summer on california's gay marriage ban. if possible same sex couples may be able to be married next valentine's day. >>> candy and cards aren't enough are in some. they needed a pillow fight. >> the crowd of fighters still at herman plaza in san francisco, has become a tradition of the take a look at these pictures and you'll see not everyone got the message. last year, the over time bill for clean up crews was estimated at $5,000. some say it's worth it for the joy of pillow combat. >>> the sheriff's office confirmed a few hours ago, human remains found in a burned cabin has been identified as fugitive christopher dorner. the former la police officer died tuesday after being pinned down. the fire was igno, sired by teargas canisters. the remains were identified through dental records. they believe him through shootings. 4 people were killed, include it would go law enforcement officers. >>> sandra elementary school was closed after a 19-year-old man was shot and killed overnight on the school grounds. our rep
. it is expected to be a vailable in the u.s. in two weeks. >>> for the first time more than a century. boats are able to travel to the lake channel to the lake itself. the city celebrated with an aquatic ribbon cutting. monfrea bond measure has been transforming the south end of the lake. with the removal of the dam. it was opened and a new park is created. wildlife will benefit even what the mayor called the obnoxious cana dageese. >> the only illegal -- canada geese. they are the only illegal aliens i worry about. they come to oakland and never want to leave. >> the next phase will be to remove the 10th street colvert. >>> candlelight vigil got under way more than an hour ago to remember victims of gun violence. dozens of people attended this evening's remembrance. there was a rally in oakland outside of barbara lee's office urging her to press ahead to the gun control efforts. it is part of a national day to end gun violence and aims to make background checks for punches. >> an off duty officer in the right place at the right time. >> his detour on a day that was changing his life forever
. >>> civil rights icon has taken her rightful place among those that had helped shape the course of u.s. history. president obama and congressional leaders unveiled the bronze statue. parks is known for challenging segregation laws in alabama almost 60 years ago when she refused give up her seat on a city bus. she was the first woman to be honored with a statue. >>> van cliburn is being remembered for 1 of the best pianosts. he rose to fame when he won the first international tchaikovkyy competition. he was 78 years old. >>> after a dramatic procedure at the children's hospital, 10-year-old mary was born with her left leg shorter than her right. starting last may, the 4th grader began wearing an apparatus, growing her leg 3 inches. doctors say she'll need no further surgery, and by the time she's 16, he legs will be even. >>> a new policy has some parents concerned about a contagious parasite. joseph tells us parents think they're being kept out of the loop. >> reporter: they run around and huddle together. parents worry about lice. >> i grew up in an area when we were sent home. >> the
a problem with one of their witness. levy waunz intern for the u.s. bureau of prisons in washington dc when she was killed in 2001. convicted in 2010 and is serving a 60-year prison sentence. a bail hearing is expected to resume tomorrow for south african double amputee track star oscar pistorius. he's accused of shooting his girlfriend through a bathroom door. prosecutors say the shooting happened after a heated argument but pistorius says it was a mistake, that he thought she was an intruder. today's hearing came on the same day as a private funeral service. she was a fashion model, a law school graduate who campaigned against domestic violence. >>> uc berkeley officials tell us they have decided the fate of basketball coach mike minute dpomly after he shove add student athlete during a game this past weekend. montgomery sounded an apologetic note this afternoon as he address it had controversy. >> in berkeley this afternoon contrite words from cal's mens basketball coach mike minute dpomly. >> it's obvious i made a mistake, and i feel very badly about it. >> gave him a little shove. word
for superstriegz students. >>> cyclist lance armstrong has decided not to speak under oath toth u.s. antidoping agency to reveal what he knows about doping and cycling. agency officials told armstrong he must speak with them if he wanted to reduce his lifetime ban from sports. the agency said today was the deadline for him to agree toth interview under that offer. armstrong says he won't participate in quote a process designed to demonize selected individuals. >>> final arguments are expected in just a few hours in the bail hearing for south african track star oscar pistorius. he is charged in pre-meditated murder in the death of his girlfriend. the story says he shot her accidentally believing he was a burglar. earlier a detective offered conflicting testimony at one point agreeing with pistorius's defense that officers had no evidence challenging his claim that he accidentally shot steenkamp. >>> crosss to honor the victims now marked the side of the former station nightclub in west woolrick. the fire on february 20th, 2003, started when pyrotech nicks for the 80s band great white ignited fla
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